Abdulwahab Abdulmalik

Abdulwahab Abdulmalik

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Why you should use Lodash's merge instead of spread operator when merging nested objects

Published 19 May, 2018

If you use redux, you probably merge objects a lot when updating the redux state, the redux documentation suggests the use of the spread…

Meet Team LeVRn, Nigeria First VR Hackathon Winner.

Published 20 November, 2016 on medium.com

We are not just individuals with the zeal and commitment but also with the skill set to drive the development of VR content in Africa.

Masters’ can wait, I’m Joining Andela

Published 22 March, 2016 on medium.com

So in the wake of the big talk with my dad and uncle tomorrow on why I’m ditching my masters plan to join Andela(startup currently building…