Abdulwahab Abdulmalik

Abdulwahab Abdulmalik

A web application developer | VR/AR enthusiast | Searching

About Abdulmalik Abdulwahab

Abdulwahab Abdulmalik is a software developer at Andela, where he helps Andela's partners achieve their business goals in developing and building elegant web applications. Experienced in Remote work, Abdulmalik has previously worked as part of a remote team in developing industry.co and also worked remotely as a junior Data Engineer for crunchbase.com

Abdulmalik is fluent in the following technology stack, Python, Django, Flask, Javascript, Node, Express, SailsJs, Reactjs, VueJs, CSS and HTML

You can contact Abdulmalik Abdulwahab at malik.adeyi@gmail.com